Update - July 29, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope all of you enjoyed Pioneer Day weekend. We live in a great state filled with remarkable people. I like the idea of taking time to remember those who came before us and sacrificed for the benefit later generations. There were a lot of firsts in Utah, including the first vote cast by a woman in our country. Of course, like all of us now, they made mistakes. It is important that we learn from our history and work together to make all of our lives better. I believe it will take a pioneering spirit to successfully get through the pandemic with our health and economy intact. I know we can do it.

Though our cases have increased, there are things we are doing well. We have the second-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, one of the lowest fatality rates in the country, and hospitalizations have remained relatively stable and are decreasing.

This graph shows Utah’s ICU capacity from May 1 through July 24.

State Data (as of July 29th)

Total Cases: 39,194

Total People Tested: 518,191

Total Hospitalizations: 2,324

Total Deaths: 292

Estimated Recovered: 26,643

Utah County Dept Health

Total Cases: 7,422

Total Tested: 91,350

Hospitalizations: 348

Deaths: 31

Estimated Recovered: 4,900

Suicide Hotline - 988

The FCC adopted rules to establish 988 as the new, nationwide, 3-digit phone number for Americans in crisis to connect with suicide prevention and mental health crisis counselors. The rules require all phone service providers to direct all 988 calls to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by July 16, 2022. the next two years, 988 will be the new, nationwide phone number for suicide prevention services, making it easier for individuals in crisis to talk with trained counselors.

This initiative began in Utah with Rep. Steve Eliason and Sen. Daniel Thatcher who worked with Congressman Chris Stewart and Senator Orrin Hatch to make the hotline a nationwide reality. Read more here.

Phased Guidelines

Gov. Herbert issued an executive order adopting version 4.9 of the Phased Guidelines. The updates provide guidance for restaurants operating 24 hours per day and restaurants with buffet service. The order will remain in effect until August 7. View the full order here and the updated guidelines here.


FEMA is using remote inspections to assess damage to homes in Salt Lake and Davis counties cause by earthquakes between March 18 and April 17. FEMA also is warning Utahns impacted by the earthquake earlier this year to guard against fraud and I.D. theft. Read more here.

In the News

Air travel not expected to recover until 2024

Parents forming co-ops and hiring private educators a trend, but not an option for many

Update: Utah scientists tracking coronavirus spikes, declines through sewage

Census: Pandemic still battering Utah families economically

I Look Forward to Hearing From You!

I'll try to continually keep you informed about my work on the Hill – likewise, please keep in touch – I’d love to hear your insights and opinions.

I can be reached by email at You’re also welcome to join me at the Capitol and if you’d like to meet with me in person outside of interim or the legislative session, you can reach Jason Gould at He’ll help us get in touch.

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me to serve in this capacity. We live in a unique and special place. Thank you for all you do to make Utah the best state in the nation – and thanks for paying attention.

Until next time,

Senator Dan McCay

Utah Senate District 11

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